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What's News - January, 2024

I hope this note finds each of you beginning the year in good health.  

I wanted to update you on the issues surrounding 2550 Irving Street.  A you know, the neighborhood association is NOT opposed to the project.  We would, however, like the building to be trimmed in height and scale, so that it is not a Goliath surrounding much smaller homes.  We brought to court our belief that the resolution passed two summers ago, by the Board of Supervisors, unanimously, and signed by the Mayor, should be honored.  It urged TNDC , the developer, to work with the neighbors to compromise on height and scale of the building.  So far we have lost our case in the courts.  A final rehearing has been requested.

The other issue important to the neighbors is the documented level of the toxin PCE in the soil of 2550 Irving Street, in the air and in the surrounding homes.  Various environmental experts have indicated that soil vapor extraction would be the optimal solution to this problem.  TNDC has indicated they do not trust this method and that a plastic treated mat, under the foundation, will suffice.  We brought this issue to the Board of Appeals, San Francisco and lost.  Now several Board members are in discussion with leadership at DTSC, Department of Toxic Substances Control, and our political leaders, Supervisor Joel Engardio and Senator Scott Weiner. We continue to be baffled as to how the developer can feel good about housing up to 270 tenants in a building on toxic soil.  

We continue to do all we can, against great and powerful odds, to become part of the conversation for change, but intelligent, healthful and sensitive change in the Sunset.  We asked for TNDC to consider moving their proposed parking entrance and exit from 26th Ave. just north of Irving, exactly across from the 25th Avenue Market parking lot, to another, less treacherous location.  TNDC said no, this would involve costs and time they do not want to expend.  We asked if a member of the community could be on the advisory board of the future housing.  TNDC said no, they did not want to cede any of their authority to the community.

A New Project

We have been asked by members of the community to meet with merchants, Department of Public Works and our supervisor, in order to work on beautifying the Irving Street corridor.  I encourage you to contact us if you have a project you would like to suggest or would like to get more involved in the neighborhood association.

Finally, we really could use your financial support.  Every dollar you send helps us to work on the issues that affect the neighborhood.  Please consider a one time or monthly donation.  Checks can be mailed, made out to MSNA, to

1221 27th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122 

If you prefer Zelle, the phone number is 415.425.2939.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

We hope to hear from you.

Flo Kimmerling

President, Mid-Sunset Neighborhood Association


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