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June 30 Community Meeting Recap & Next Steps

We had standing room only turnout for our Community Meeting on 6/30/21 with around 200 people in attendance! If you were there, thank you! Your participation in this community effort is much appreciated.


Here are some Next Steps you can take:


- July 14: Budget Committee Meeting - this meeting is chaired by Supervisor Matt Haney.


Please contact Supervisor Haney and request the decision on the $14.5MM loan to the TNDC be postponed until the community's concerns are further investigated and remedied. There are several open questions around the toxicity, density, etc

Supervisor Matt Haney
1 Dr Carlton B. Goodlett Place
City Hall, Room 244
San Francisco, Ca.  94102
415-554-7970 - Voice
415-554-7974 - Fax


- July 27 - Board of Supervisors Vote to decide on approving/declining the $14.5MM loan to the TNDC.

Please write/call/use social media to contact Supervisor Gordon Mar and the other Supervisors to request modification of the project.

Gordon Mar -

Connie Chan -

Matt Haney -

Rafael Mandelman -

Myrna Melgar -

Aaron Peskin -

Dean Preston -

Hillary Ronen -

Ahsha Safai -

Catherine Stefani -

Shamann Walton -


Address for all the Supervisors

1 Dr Carlton B. Goodlett Place
City Hall, Room 244
San Francisco, Ca.  94102


Link for public comment on July 27 -

Sample letter can be found here. 


- Department of Toxicology and Substance Control survey will be arriving in your mail in the next 2 weeks. Please consider responding NO that you are not satisfied with the remediation plan proposed by the TNDC which restricts their responsibility only to the 2550 Irving site and not any toxicity that impact the neighbors and their health 


The Mid Sunset Neighborhood Association will attempt to organize another live meeting with Supervisor Mar and the TNDC in the next 4 weeks - stay tuned!

Here are some additional actions you can take -

Next Steps
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