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Proposed Affordable Housing Project at 2550 Irving St (between 26th-27th Avenue)

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

The Mid-Sunset Neighborhood Association (MSNA) will be sharing updates regarding the proposed Affordable Housing Project at 2550 Irving St between 26th and 27th Avenues (currently the Police Credit Union) being developed by the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) .

The current proposal calls for:

  • New 7 story building (4 times the footprint/density of nearby 7 story buildings, see pic below) .

  • 100 new housing units, 300+ residents, will be assigned as follows:

    • 20% Extremely Low Income level

    • 40% very low income

    • 20% Low Income level

    • 20% set aside for special population/formerly homeless

  • 11 parking spaces

  • 1 social worker to support residents of the project, 1 janitor and 1 property manager

  • Construction to start in 2023 and completed by 2025

The property will be funded partially with public funds including Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) , affordable financing housing programs, tax exempt bonds and low-income housing credits.


  • DENSITY/CONGESTION – there is already a lot of foot/vehicular traffic at this intersection. What traffic studies and mitigation will be conducted to insure safety?

  • PARKING – only 11 spaces are being proposed for 300+ residents.

  • LOSS OF SUNLIGHT/PRIVACY for existing neighbors as this building is being built on the northern side of the street.

  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING for Sunset residents – this will theoretically create more housing opportunities for Sunset residents (which we welcome) but it’s unclear what percentage of units will be prioritized for Sunset residents or families.

  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING for families with children - since HUD definition of families will be used for this development, there is currently no requirement that families with children get priority or guaranteed % of units.

  • PROPERTY VALUATION - will be impacted by construction, shadows, lost privacy, uncharacteristic 7 story building surrounded by 1-2 family homes, and concentration of low income residents.

  • NEIGHBORHOOD PROFILE/CHARACTER – This proposal calls for building a modern 7 story building in the middle of the Parkway Terrace Historical District, noted for homes’ low 1 and 2 story profiles and architecturally significant 1910s period details.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS - currently this development as proposed does not require environmental reviews, despite there being soil/air toxicity and other concerns.

  • PANDEMIC AND COMMUNITY INPUT - The pandemic is making it impossible for the whole community, especially elderly people and those without internet access, to express their concerns and opinions about this project. Despite this, the development is being rushed forward without sufficient community feedback and engagement.

This project will have long-term ramifications on the neighborhood and we would like all Sunset community members to participate in the neighborhood feedback process to ensure your voice is heard.

ACTION NEEDED FROM COMMUNITY MEMBERS (you can do any or all of these actions)

  • WRITE/POST directly to Supervisor Mar. His email address is, Facebook - @d4gordonmar; Twitter - @d4gordonmar

  • WRITE directly to MOHCD – Jonathan Gagen, Project Manager

  • WRITE to the Planning Department - Carly Grob, Senior Planner

  • WRITE/POST directly to the TNDC - Jackson Rabinowitsh; Katie Lamont, Twitter @TNDC

  • WRITE/POST directly to Mayor Breed – Facebook @mayorlondonbreed, Twitter - @londonbreed

  • INFORM YOUR NEIGHBORS who may not be aware of this project. If they are interested in learning more, please have them email so we can add them to our distribution list.

  • GET INVOLVED - Email us at with your specific feedback, ideas and concerns or to be added to our distribution list. If you would like to be more consistently involved, volunteer to be on our Board. ​

If you would like to receive our updates by email, please subscribe here or by emailing

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