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What's New - July, 2021

This was a very busy month, with the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee

meeting, where the vote was 3-0, to push forward the pre-development loan for TNDC’s plan

for affordable housing at 2550 Irving, and then an 11-0 vote to support it at the level of the

Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Mar was able to add an amendment to the proposal. This

amendment stipulates that the pre-development loan and sale of the property, from the Police Credit Union (PCU) to TNDC, cannot be completed until the Department of Toxicology and Substance Control (DTSC) finds that TNDC’s plan for dealing with the toxins in the ground on site will satisfactorily protect the new residents.

As you know, tetrachloroethylene, commonly known as PCE or PERC, was found in concentrations above what is considered safe for humans, in the soil under 2550 Irving St.

MSNA has reviewed TNDC’s plans for “mitigating” the problem and found them woefully

insufficient. We are thrilled to have a toxicologist and a geologist on our team, who helped

evaluate TNDC’s plan. We are working on an alternative proposal, that we feel will safeguard, permanently, both future resident of 2550 Irving and the surrounding neighbors from this toxic chemical, which is both a neurotoxin and a carcinogen. This is open comment period at DTSC on the subject of 2550 Irving. We really appreciate each of you calling, emailing and/or writing them about our concerns. The MSNA website has more information on this subject.

We have a real opportunity here to impact positive change. Please help us by voicing your

concerns before August 14, 2021.

Related to the issue of toxicity, after meeting with the PCU, we are pleased that the Police

Credit Union has decided to monitor the indoor air quality, for concentration of PCE, in six

houses to the immediate north of 2550 Irving St. This is a wonderful first step in ultimately

protecting the neighborhood from the PCE vapor, which has been around for quite a while.

We have been interviewed by several journalists and most recently Adam Michels had his

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, suggestions. We are your

neighborhood association.


Flo Kimmerling


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