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What's News - July, 2023

Disappointment and Assertion of our Rights

The Board had great hopes that DTSC, Department of Toxic Substances Control, would adhere to its promises, made at the Board of Appeals hearing in February, 2023, and in a letter and meeting with our advisors, Lenny Siegel, Director of the Center for Public Environmental Oversight, Don Moore, geologist and Board members. Our goal has always been to remove, remediate the area of and around 2550 Irving St. of the PCE, tetrachloroethylene, that has been found both in the soil and in the surrounding air. Levels beyond those considered safe for humans have been found in this area. PCE exposure is associated with cancer and neurologic disorders such as Parkinson’s.

Unfortunately, at every turn, DTSC did NOT do what it agreed to do during the demolition process.

1. We were not apprised of the work plan before DTSC embarked on its investigation.

2. We asked for soil vapor sampling around the former Miracle Cleaner, which was at 2550 Irving Street until around 1959. This type of assessment is the most closely tied to toxicity in the air the community breathes. It would also have allowed us to compare samples to the former Albrite Cleaners, across the street. Albrite is already on the Cortese list of health hazardous areas. No soil vapor sampling was done. The extensive testing at Albrite was not mirrored by testing at 2550 Irving. (12 soil matrix and 12 soil vapor samples at Albrite versus no soil vapor samples and 1 soil matrix sample at Miracle Cleaners.)

3. A plan to allow VIMS (vapor intrusion mitigation system) was approved for 2550, rather than a permanent remediation system. VIMS is considered an “interim remedy” by DTSC the Water Board and California Environmental Protection Agency. It will not solve the problem of toxicity and its effects will dissipate within 20 years or less.

And so, we must again appeal, this time the construction permit for 2550 Irving St. We want the area assessed as was promised and rid of all toxins. Our motto is “Clean it up before you build it up.”

The Board of Appeals hearing will be August 16th, 5:00pm at City Hall. Please save some time to either phone in or speak at this very important hearing. I will send you talking points before the hearing. If you need a ride to City Hall, please do let me know.

On a more positive note, J.K. Dineen of the SF Chronicle called me last week to talk about the toxic substances at 2550 Irving St. and the surrounding area. The article he wrote was in the newspaper on 7/19/23. Also, MSNA and the struggle to engage with TNDC in shaping the affordable housing proposed for 2550 Irving was chosen for a documentary two years ago. We were filmed and engaged in dialogue several times over a two year period. The documentary will soon be ready to be viewed by the public. I will let you know when and where to access it.

I am writing to you because this is your neighborhood association. Please contact us with your ideas, comments, questions.

Also, know that we simply must continue to have legal counsel and this is costly.

Any contribution you can make is valued.

Checks can be written to M.S.N.A. and mailed to 1221 27th Ave. San Francisco, Ca. 94122

If you prefer Zelle, transfer to MSNA using the phone 415.425.2939

For more information or to subscribe to our newsletter, go to:

Thank you for being part of our community.


Flo Kimmerling

President MSNA


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