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What's News - December, 2022

As January, 2023 approaches, we look forward to welcoming our new supervisor,

Joel Engardio, to the neighborhood. He has agreed to speak with the Board in

January. After that meeting, we hope to plan a general meeting where all our

members and other neighbors interested can welcome Supervisor Engardio, listen

to his ideas for the neighborhood, and express their own concerns. We will keep

you posted on the date for this event and hope you will attend.

As you probably know, we have been in negotiations with DTSC (Department of

Toxic Substances Control) for well over a year now. Our concerns are the high

PCE (tetrachloroethylene) levels on Irving street, between 26 th Avenue and 27 th

Avenue, as well as the houses to the north. Buildings to the south of Irving have

not yet been assessed for PCE levels. The exception here is the tall building, 1300

26th Ave., where some preliminary testing has been done. Levels are high at the

ground floor level. All of us agree that the toxic gas plumes in the area around

2550 Irving should be completely removed, (using soil vapor extraction) before

any construction begins. There may even be some state funding for the toxic

chemical removal. Unfortunately, at this point, TNDC (Tenderloin Neighborhood

Development Corporation) still prefers to protect only the residents of the new

building by using a vapor barrier, which according to DTSC is only a temporary

solution for 2550 and does nothing to capture the toxins which have spread to the

rest of the neighborhood. This struggle is a work in progress.

MSNA has always supported the affordable housing proposed at 2550 Irving

Street. However, we as a community would like to be part of the process of

planning. Our compromise plan is for 80 units, rather than 90 units. We have

submitted complete architectural plans for 5.5 stories and a basement for parking

and storage, rather than 7 stories and no basement, the current TNDC plan. We

have proposed that the entrance to parking be on Irving Street, not where TNDC

plans to place it, directly across the street from the entrance to the 25 th Irving

Street Market (previously called Sunset Super). That corner is already

treacherous. TNDC has shown no willingness to compromise on any part of their

plan, including clean-up of the PCE. As a result, we have been involved in

litigation for almost two years. We currently have two cases under appeal in the

courts, (regarding the failure of TNDC to compromise on height and density).

We also have filed an appeal with the SF Board of Appeals, to pause the

demolition of the current building at 2550 Irving Street until provisions are made


1- Assessing and controlling vibrations and toxic dust that might impact the


2- Having a site plan that takes specific precautions to preserve forensic evidence

related to the origin of the PCE.

Everything we do takes funding. Since February, 2021, MSNA has incurred over

$190,000.00 in expenses for legal and architectural services, related to the

proposed building at 2550 Irving. Neighbors have generously contributed over

$63,000. The balance, $127,000, has been paid by the members of the Board, for

the benefit of all our neighbors.

We all know, and research bears this out, that a community that works together,

that watches out for each other, is a community that has less crime and where

neighbors are more satisfied. Please help us work together as a community.

Consider volunteering on the Board. Consider making a monthly contribution of

$100.00 to MSNA. We need your help in order to continue our efforts.

Funds can be made to MSNA by check, delivered to 1221 27th Ave. or via Zelle

using the phone number 415 425-2939. Finally, we have a GoFundMe page at

The Board of MSNA wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Flo Kimmerling

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