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What's News - August/September, 2022

This past month has been a busy one in the neighborhood.  This

letter summarizes major events and tells you about an important event

coming up later in September:

Many of us attended a community meeting (on Zoom) sponsored by

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).  Our

environmental experts, Lenny Siegel and Don Moore, spoke forcefully

about the need for a comprehensive clean-up of the dangerous levels of

toxic PCE soil vapor now found east of 26th Ave. through 27th Ave. and

north and south of Irving.  We are pleased that DTSC is considering a

more aggressive approach with the property owners responsible for the

toxicity. We are asking for remediation to protect the whole neighborhood

instead of mitigation that only benefits the new residents at 2550 Irving. 

We were out in force at the Meet the Contractor meeting, sponsored

by TNDC, last month.  The contractor, Miguel Guzman, was there to

answer questions and present the sequence of events for demolition of the

building at 2550 Irving.  Questions quickly turned to how the contractor

was going to protect his employees and the neighbors from the PCE that

may be disturbed by demolition.  It appeared that Mr. Guzman was not

aware of the PCE and could not respond to several of our questions.  A

letter has been sent, with our questions, comments and requests. We

would like a memorandum of understanding before demolition begins in

November.  We have received an initial response to some of our questions

and are preparing to write corrections to information we feel is incorrect in

TNDC’s letter.

Our legal case against TNDC continues. The case centers around

TNDC's failure to comply with the SF Board of Supervisor's resolution that

calls for TNDC to compromise with the community on the height and

density of the new building.  Three times TNDC has asked the judge to

dismiss the case.  Three times the judge has refused.  However, he has

requested new amendments to our lawsuit. Please donate to support MSNA's legal efforts.

MSNA sponsored two Meet the Supervisor Candidate meetings last month.  Joel Engardio and Gordon Mar presented their goals for our district and answered questions, both prepared by the Board and asked by the audience. 

What is Coming Up in September

One of our neighbors, Patrick Wolff, is sponsoring a house party for

all of us. Joel Engardio, running for D4 supervisor, will be present, as will

Ann Hsu, Lainie Motamedi and Lisa Weissman-Ward, the three newly

appointed Board of Education members.  All of them are running for office

in November. 

Please join us at 1262 26th Avenue, 7:00pm, on Thursday,

September 22, 2022.
 Drinks and refreshments will be served.  There will

be time for your questions.

Finally, it is a joy for members of the Board to be working on these

projects for the community, but many involved financial expenditure. 

Please, please donate what you can to support our efforts. A check, made

out to MSNA, can be dropped off at 1221 27th Ave. 
Alternatively, you can

wire funds through Zelle. Funds can be sent to the Mid-Sunset

Neighborhood Association, 415-425-2939 .
We also have a Go Fund Me

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.

Flo Kimmerling

President MSNA

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